Thursday, July 28, 2016

Are you manifesting your best beauty look???

Every person, male or female, has their own idea/perception of what is beautiful.  In fact, I think that is beautiful in and of itself.  As someone who is a certified makeup artist, loves to travel and people watch, I've come to appreciate and now 'accept' my own version and standard of beauty.  I've spent countless hours and money, trying to look a certain way, copy a certain celebrity, wear a certain brand of makeup etc etc.  Yet, I never really felt satisfied no matter how great others thought I looked or how many compliments I got.  Every person needs to reach a point in their lives, when they realize that living in the present moment vs trying to be somewhere else or someone else is the key to true inner acceptance.  It's in this space of present-acceptance that I finally decided to ask myself - what look and style really serves me? Am I filling my life with this authentic vision of myself?

Inspiring questions often lead to inspiring manifestation.  My own reflection lead me to embrace a classic look that I've always admired - a clear, fresh. natural look with a sophisticated red lip.  I've worn this look many times, yet it wasn't until I truly validated myself as 'worthy' of owning my femininity that this look finally had meaning beyond just putting on some cosmetic products.  You see, anyone can put on a lipstick, scarf, hat, tie etc and TRY to feel great.  However, unless you validate that you are worthy of feeling amazing, the material 'thing' you put on will have no value and you will still feel empty and have a need to continue searching for the 'next' thing to make you happy (because you don't feel you bring value to it).  Yet the second you allow yourself to be and feel valuable, is when you will manifest yourself beautiful with minimal effort.  Your style/look will flow into manifestation........  Now THAT is true beauty!!!

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