Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Welcome to my NEW blog!  I am excited for this new venture in my life.  I have no many different interests and I wanted to find a way to reflect and express all the things that I'm passionate about.  I decided to name this blog 'Herbs, Wine and Lipstick'.  First, I love to cook and as many people know, it's simple ingredients and a blend of various herbs/spices that create the best flavour.  I absolutely love using herbs in dishes :)  Secondly, I had to highlight wine.  I really love wine!  There is nothing better than discovering a new glass of vino that brings a dish or mood to life.  It's passion in a glass!!!  Finally, I can't have a blog without sometimes wanting to write about lipstick.  I have a healthy obsession with red lipstick :)

I am really excited to create a new 'blog space' where I can share with you some recipes, musings on life and makeup looks.  This is not just another 'lifestyle blog' idea.  For me, this is the next step in a new journey towards authenticity, embracing my self and bringing validation to this life-journey.

I really am excited about all the new adventures that await: the recipes, the discoveries of new wines/foods and perhaps some new insights into what's really important in life :)

Blogger, Teacher, Foodie and Makeup Artist

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