Saturday, July 30, 2016

Summer Makeup Look

I'm always creating and playing around with makeup.  I tried at one time to pursue a career as a makeup artist and actually have a makeup artistry certificate.  However, I decided instead to focus on my teaching career and do freelance makeup on the side.  That being said, I am still very passionate about colour and creating looks using colour.  One of the great things about the summer, is being able to play around with more golden, bronze and warm peach shades.  These colours really bring out a tan and they increase your natural 'happy energy'.  I really feel that colour and energy go hand in hand.  That's why it's always important to wear something that makes you feel amazing and happy, regardless of what the fashion industry is trying to sell you.  The colour of the moment is the one that makes you feel the most alive and great while you're wearing it.  Don't get me wrong, I love following style and fashion trends sometimes, but I take from them only what speaks to me.  One trend that always does seem to be consistent is 'corals' for summer.  How can it not be?  It's synonymous with the warm turquoise ocean waters and when put coral against any golden tan, you have the most beautiful combination.  Ocean blues, golden tans, sunny yellows and coral - the palette of summer :)

This is my favourite golden coral look.  I love combining warm bronzers/highlights (Anastasia Glow Kit is my current favourite) with a warm peach-coral lip.  In this photo, I'm wearing NARS Catherine lipstick.  My eyes are naturally a grey-green-blue, so to create that ocean mystique, I blended Urban Decay LSD liner with Demolition liner and applied this to the upper and lower lash-line.  I then picked a warm pink blush to compliment the whole look.  Last but not least, I always fill in my brows with a complimentary golden brown eyeshadow shade.  It adds definition to the brows, but also gives your brows a more defined, elegant natural shape.

The summer is all about sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather.  If you're looking for an elegant makeup look to go with a fun summer party, this is a winner.  :)

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