Saturday, August 27, 2016

Changing of the Seasons

The reality of an amazing summer gone by is slowing starting to sink in.  However, I love the flow of the seasons and I know that as Fall/Autumn starts to creep in, it will bring some amazing culinary and personal adventures for me.  I can't wait to make some pumpkin and butternut squash soup, pumpkin-spice pancakes,  hot apple cider - Yum!  Fall is an amazing season full of hearty dishes and great aromas, spices, soups and stews.  Lets not forget how beautiful fall is - with the bright and warm coloured leaves and comfy sweaters.  A big part of me is getting uber excited for all the great things to come.  Summer, however, is still here!  Before I can allow myself to get too excited for 'all things comfort' - I want to bring into the next season all the wonderful things I learned this summer.  I find that each summer, I grow as a person.  I gain some new insights, some fresh perspective on things.  This summer has been about letting go of my inhibitions.  I traveled to a magnificent country - Spain!  I explored a whole new world of culinary adventures.  I started this blog :)  I said good-bye to all the heavy makeup (although I keeping the classic red-orange lipstick) and I've finally learned to 'listen' to my body and appreciate it's wisdom.  I'm truly HAPPY to be in my own skin and to appreciate the person I am and flow into the person I'm becoming.  I love that it's a 'process' and that there is no rush, no judgement, no regrets, just 'moving forward' in pure acceptance and self-respect!!!  

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