Thursday, August 4, 2016

The Orange-Red Lipstick

One of the reasons that I had to include the word 'lipstick' in the name of this blog is because I have a healthy addiction/obsession with finding 'the' perfect lipstick colour :)  I call it a 'healthy addiction' because: first, I need to somehow rationalize it as somewhat okay and secondly, once I find this 'perfect shade', I feel like my lipstick obsession will somehow come to an end.  However, both rationalizations are probably untrue :)  Hello, my name is Renata and I'm a lipstick junkie!!!

I have a feeling that some of you feel my pain and have probably responded by just saying "Hello Renata..... I'm __________ and I'm a lipstick addict too".  You know what?  That's totally OK!

I have to admit that recently I've re-defined the way I see and wear makeup.  One of my earlier posts on this blog is about having a healthy relationship with your self and loving your uniqueness.

When you 'manifest' your best self, you essentially are wearing the best look for you.  For me that has always been a natural look with a sophisticated red lip.  Here is where the lipstick addiction comes in - there are so many amazing reds, its hard to love just one!  That being said, I've just narrowed down my lipstick obsession to one particular type of red - an orange/coral red!

This past October I invested in getting a professional colour analysis done (I want to devote another post to this topic, as it was a life-changing experience and the analyst Jelena Heger has an incredible eye for colour -  She is both the colour consultant and owner of 'Unique To You Colour Consultation' in the Toronto/Hamilton area).  Jelena's analysis of me was 'Warm Autumn'.  Since I've been naturally gravitating towards the orange-reds, it speaks to how when you are 'in-tune' with your best energy, you will attract the palette that looks the best on you.  One of the orange reds that I'm currently 'addicted' to is Maybelline 'Craving Coral'.  I received a swatch book from Jelena's analysis and this shade is a 'perfect' match to the 'orange-red' swatch.  In the second photo, I'm wearing YSL #13 Le Orange (a colour in between the orange-red and tangerine swatches - another stunning lipstick choice for an orange based red lip) 

It's not everyday that you hear a lipstick addict ready to settle down with one signature colour.  Perhaps manifesting your best self really does lead to 'freedom' from past expectations and addictions.  Hello, my name is Renata and I'm officially embracing orange-red lipstick as my signature!!!


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