Friday, August 5, 2016

Spanish Beach Food :)

It's been almost two weeks since I've returned home from my Spain trip.  I'm really missing my family and reminiscing about all the amazing experiences I had.  One of the things that I really miss is having lunch by the beach.  I had some amazing food in Spain and one of the things I really loved about it was that everything was so fresh and tasty.  Normally, I don't like the taste of fried foods, but the Calamari I had at the local beach eatery was 'amazing'.  I found that the fried calamari was never heavy and greasy - instead, it was light and airy and the calamari itself was fresh and tender (not chewy or rough as it sometimes can be when it's not locally made or fresh).  The lemon beer we had in Spain was also such a perfect compliment to the calamari.  This was my favourite 'beach treat', along with patatas alioli (garlic-potatoes) :

One of my other favourite beach treats was a fish or tuna based salad.  One of the things thats always so amazing about being near the sea is having more fresh seafood options.  I loved this fish based salad that I ordered at a local beach eatery in El Campello - it was refreshing and it inspired me to start making salads with different combinations of ingredients:

This is a Mediterranean salad at it's best - salad greens, tomatoes, fish, onions, olives, corn and a feta type cheese.  The green olives were a great addition to this salad and since I've come home, I've become a bit of an olive fanatic.  I'd actually love to learn more about olives and olive oil in general.  There is a reason that they are a Mediterranean staple and it's worth learning more about the health benefits as well as all the different varieties of olives/olive oil.

Enjoying lunch has a whole new meaning for me and although I won't be having fried calamari and lemon beer for lunch once I return back to work, it will always be on my mind :)

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