Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Coffee, Lipstick and Consumerism :)

I really love that anyone can order a coffee just the way they like it.  Starbucks makes it possible for you to order a tall Pike's Place or a double shot, soy skinny vanilla latte with a dash of cinnamon :)   Society sometimes rolls its eyes with it takes you 5 minutes to put in your coffee order, but one thing that we take for granted is that we have that privilege.  I've been thinking a lot about consumerism and commercialism.  In an attempt to declutter my wardrobe, I've come across so many things and a lot of 'stuff' that I just don't need.  It's bothersome to think that all it takes for some of us is to see a 'SALE' sign and we're buying 10 things of something that we don't need.  Yet, there are times when we really do need that white shirt or new purse.  So what's the real issue?  It's not knowing what you have, what you need and who you are!  Consumerism isn't bad in and of itself - it's how you 'respond' to it.  Someone once told me that the true definition of 'responsibility' is to be 'response-able'.  Your ability to respond to what's in front of you is your true personal power.  When you respond to that inner need of wanting more, you become the person who buys 10 things you don't need.  However, when you respond to your inner-compass of knowing what you truly need, you will respect and enjoy the fact that something you 'really need' is on sale.  Commercialism and the 'sale' isn't the problem, our ability to respond to our own needs/wants is what we truly need to look at.  So how does this all relate to Starbucks and Orange lipstick??? :)  When I began to define myself vs allow society to define me, I discovered a new sense of freedom in a world that tries to control me and my spending.  I was always in awe of someone who could walk into a department store, go straight to what they needed and walk out, enjoying the rest of their day.  I used to be the person who would walk into a department store and within seconds, I'd be at the makeup counters, walking out 2 hours later with makeup I never intended to buy and makeup that I didn't even need.  It would be like a scene from the movie 'Shopaholic' where the protagonist gets the visa bill and thinks it belongs to someone else because she doesn't remember half the things she purchased.  When you have an INTENTION behind your every action, you cannot be swayed by the pull of commercialism.

It all comes back to grounding yourself and knowing who you are in the midst of a material driven world.  You almost have to compare yourself to a Buddhist seeking inner peace in the midst of chaos. You need to be able to stand in the most commercial department store and not be 'swayed' by the commercialism.  You need to define yourself and love yourself in a world that is constantly trying to tell you what you need in order to be and feel worthy.  Did you ever think about why we are so in awe of those who break the rules?  or why we love stories like 'The Little Prince'?  It's because we remember our true nature and the privilege that comes with the freedom of choice to be 'ourselves'.  When you think about it from this perspective and you aren't swayed by the sales, ads and the 'definition of beauty' defined by others, you can benefit from everything around you.  So go ahead and order your favourite coffee and wear your favourite lipstick.  Own your definition of you!

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